About us

Who is Okima?

Okima is a professional building services company, specialising in new residential builds, extensions and additions, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, as well as commercial fit-outs. Based in Sydney’s inner west, we work with customers Sydney-wide, and deliver on our promise of a stress-free build every time. Keeping our customers happy is our priority.

Since Okima’s inception in 2000, it’s been our focus to deliver quality building projects of the highest standard, working alongside established architectural firms for a broad range of clients with varying requirements. We know the importance of delivering projects in full to their original design intent and maintaining the vision that has been established by both the architect and client.

Service areas

Okima services the entire Sydney metropolitan region, with the majority of our work in Sydney’s inner west and eastern suburbs. This doesn’t mean other locations are out of the question; we’ve delivered projects as far south as Nowra.

Architectural firms: Our partners to success

At Okima, we work in true partnership with architectural firms of all sizes. We’re continually delivering complex projects, designed specifically for those that live in them, over and above expectation, and to architectural specification. This is what sets us apart.

We’ve partnered with some of the best architectural firms in the business, including:

Anthony Gill Architects

Burtenshaw Scoufis

Freedman Rembel

Andrew Kovac, Architect

Australian Consulting Architects

John Graham and Associates

Project management

As well as working with architects, Okima also provides personal project management and construction services for clients who have their own vision but choose not to engage the services of an architect or a designer. With extensive industry knowledge, our team works closely with our clients, guiding them and helping them understand how the process works and how each step of their project will take place.

Okima provides extensive assistance and project management for self-managed projects and delivers all the bells and whistles, and finer details and finishes that the modern residential market demands.

Project delivery

It’s our company belief that quality overrides quantity, so Okima will only commit to projects that we know can be delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standard possible.

It’s important to us to maintain a fruitful relationship with our clients and architectural partners, both during and following the construction phase. Our record of repeat work and customer recommendations is testament to our commitment.

Okima offers timely delivery of all projects, company directors believe in quality over quantity and will only take on projects that can be delivered on time, on budget and with the highest possible standards.


Building or renovating a dream home

Creating and building a new home can be very rewarding, and seeing your vision come to life is truly a memorable and satisfying experience. At Okima we eliminate the stress from the process, making it simple and enjoyable, so that our clients can focus on life knowing that their investment is safe.

Our team of staff and trades offer skills and knowledge that is second to none. We offer construction management services across all project types with a preference for fixed-price lump sum contracts. Our team has the experience and know-how to help you take any size residential project from concept to completion.

With trade and managerial industry experience we ensure that our projects are completed professionally and as they were intended to be; on time and on budget, with quality workmanship on the job and professionalism in the office.

We understand that a new home is a large commitment and one of the largest investments that a person will likely undertake in their lifetime. It’s for this reason we don’t compromise on any of our projects and we always keep our clients’ needs and dreams at the forefront of our planning.


Renovating is not always as simple as it might seem, with many unseen factors coming in to play, and many interpretations as to what a renovation actually constitutes. We know that any renovation must add value and complement the existing structure, so we work closely with all parties to ensure we balance all aspects of functionality and aesthetics, and create a comfortable and satisfying environment.

Landscape, swimming pool and external construction

With a growing trend for integrating the outside with the inside, we’ve found ourselves branching out and consulting with clients on outdoor landscape construction, swimming pools, and alfresco entertainment areas. As we crossed over into this new market, we developed the skills and experience to continue to deliver to our core strengths, over and above expectation, and have done so now for over a decade.

Commercial fit-out

For any business, time is important and efficiency is key. That’s why we offer a fast turnaround fit-out service for businesses and commercial premises that need to be up and running quickly. Some of our recent projects have included café and commercial kitchen fit-outs, day spas, and hairdressing and beauty salon fit-outs.

Customer satisfaction

We’ve built our reputation on providing quality craftsmanship and delivering projects that are always true value for money.

We offer excellent customer service, expert technical competence, professional ethics and strong financial stability.

We have a strong 15-year commitment to delivering projects that our clients are proud to live in and proud to show off. This philosophy and tradition continues through our quality workmanship and our industry pride.

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